Hudson Valley Estate

Rhinebeck, NY

Project Description

LJLA was approached to assist with reevaluating the landscape surrounding this historic home on the Hudson River and its connections to the larger property. The landscape consisted of expansive areas of mown lawn and woodland, and the existing mature trees showed signs of decline. The master plan aimed to have a nature-focused approach, making minimal interventions to bring back the beauty of the natural surroundings of the Hudson River.

Considering the home was located on a peninsula within a large land area, careful consideration was given to redesigning the front steps, rear terrace, and garden stairs to work with the topography. This was crucial in establishing connections with a newly designed network of walking paths, which were essential to the owners’ vision of how they would use and experience the property. The pathways were designed throughout the property with a delicate touch, involving some clearing of the woodland edge and re-establishment of meadows in the previously cultivated lawn areas.

The approach drive was also redesigned to enhance the arrival court and provide better access to a new garage structure. Stone paving and granite slabs were chosen as a suitable and quiet approach for vehicles arriving at the site. Strategic plantings of trees and shrubs were incorporated throughout the gardens around the house and the edges were planted with native grasses and flowering perennials to blend and connect with the broader native meadows. Mature trees near the house were preserved in the new design, and gardens were designed beneath them with shade-loving plants that edge the stone garden paths.  A gently ascending walkway helps navigate the elevation change along the back of the house and was planted with a collection of the owner’s favorite flowering shrubs and perennials.

Overall, the new approach to the landscape was carefully designed to preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings with minimal interventions. The improvements to the front steps, rear terrace, garden stairs, and approach drive, along with the addition of new plantings, successfully enhanced the landscape and its connections to this historic home on the Hudson River.


Luppino Landscaping & Masonry

Ferguson & Shamamian Architects