Clear Ideas, Clarity of Space

We are a team of landscape architects who bring our varied skills and talents to the table but work from a shared principle: all parts of a design must support a clear, unifying idea. Collaborating in the studio, we distill our thinking and rigorously simplify the design. The result is landscape architecture distinguished by spatial clarity and a strong conceptual order.

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Context and Connection in the Landscape

We find the connections to the site that hold meaning for our clients and express them through design:

  • At a ranch-turned-summer home in Napa, we organized new outdoor living spaces around an old watering hole at the heart of the property, which originally drew the owners to the spot.
  • For an outdoor plaza at the nexus of commercial and residential districts near Fenway Park, we created an oasis of calm with enough transparency to let surrounding buildings signal the shift in context.
  • To maintain the industrial character of a Santa Barbara warehouse complex while adapting it for indoor–outdoor shopping and dining, we reused train rails, weathered wood, and salvaged brick to define inviting new spaces on the street.
  • For the public spaces of a new waterfront community in Florida, we established a unique identity through the bold use of native plants, which also reconnect the site with its regional landscape.


Collaboration Beyond the Studio

Our collaborative culture in the studio extends naturally to the relationships with our clients and colleagues. These relationships have formed the heart of our business since its founding in 1997, and they extend beyond the usual professional courtesy. We think of it this way: There is a wonderful moment in the creation of a landscape when the designer and client find ourselves speaking a shared language. We have collaborated in creating not just a space, but a narrative, a history—an expression of shared values and passions.