Santa Barbara, CA

Project Description

A parcel of land that contained two existing structures, a former fish market and warehouse, were redeveloped to house retail space in downtown Santa Barbara’s “Funk Zone”—an enclave of local artists, surfboard shapers, and wineries. The challenge of the design was to weave the redesigned site into the eclectic neighborhood without it looking like new construction. We designed outdoor courtyards, sidewalks, and parking areas to connect the two structures and provide a seamless transition to the surrounding neighborhood.

Throughout the redesigned complex, the landscape and architectural design embraces an understated aesthetic that incorporates reclaimed materials recalling the site’s commercial and industrial history. In collaboration with the architects, we designed arbors and partitions made of weathered steel and wood to define outdoor seating areas. Arbors built from salvaged train rails honor the historical importance of the nearby tracks. We used drought-tolerant native plants exclusively throughout the complex, contained in freestanding planters and trays.


Collaborators: AB Design Studio
Images: Erin Feinblatt