Pierce Boston

Boston, MA

Project Description

The western gateway to Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, Pierce Boston is a mixed-use development that will house boutique shops and 349 luxury apartments and condos. The project includes improvements along Boylston Street and Brookline Avenue, a shared corridor between them, and a triangular plaza facing Park Drive and the Back Bay Fens.

The design, which has been coordinated with Boston’s Boylston Street Improvement plan, will impart a cohesive character to the streetscape when it is completed in 2017. The shared corridor will provide access to adjacent underground parking and accommodate pedestrian traffic between the two streets. Pavement of varying colors and textures, along with bollards and pedestrian-scaled lighting, will define different uses.

Approximately 3,000 square feet of green roof on the third story of the building will reduce storm water runoff and the urban heat-island effect. To further reduce storm water runoff, permeable pavers have been incorporated at the edges of the project. At the apex of the site, an approximately 2,000-square-foot plaza will serve as a gathering space and waiting place for an adjacent bus stop. This plaza will include public art that will be coordinated with the enhanced pedestrian environment of graduated paving patterns, street trees, lighting, and furnishings.


Client: Samuels & Associates
Collaborators: Arquitectonica, CBT Architects