Wight Pond Residence

Dedham, MA

Project Description

The landscape design for this new home embraces both the historic character of the surrounding neighborhood and the wooded character of the site. At the front of the home, the landscape design was kept simple to highlight the existing stone walls and new and preserved shade trees. The home was sited far back from the street, with the driveway and parking tucked to the side to provide unobstructed views of the home over the front lawn. Behind the house, nearby rock outcroppings were preserved to serve as both a landscape feature and a frame for vistas that extend through the site. The strategy of siting the home in close proximity to these outcroppings led to the development of living spaces within the landscape, as well as in the house, that contrast intimacy and enclosure with openness and expanse. The character of the plantings, terraces and walkways that compose the rear gardens embrace the character of the surrounding woodland.

Long-term plans include a carriage house and the development of a path that leads to a rocky knoll overlooking an existing woodland pond.